Our Story


This was never supposed to happen. It manifested itself out of simple stubbornness and a potentially dangerous sense of particularity. What I wanted was a wallet, however, not just any wallet. I had a vision of a wallet that focused on two elements: streamlined organization and classic, understated style. The problem? There was nothing on the market that fit that description. Everything I came across was either bulky, or flashy or rigid and uncomfortable. So I decided if I couldn't find what I wanted, I would just make it myself. 

It didn't stop there though. Realizing that what was created was something that could add value to people's lives, it needed to be shared. If I had wanted it, well then there were probably other people out there searching for the same thing.  And thus, Thomas Mackay was born. A combination of mine and my brother's middle names that hold its roots in our family history. 

Today, we strive to bring you functional products focused on simplicity, peak durability and a timeless, understated style; as well as, bringing value to the lives of our customers by putting an emphasis on organization, focus and commitment. 


- Ethan Thomas McBride, Founder